Monday, February 9, 2009

After a tumultuous month we finally settle in

On 9 February we moved into our residence in Shanti Niketan. After several delays in maintenance to the property including, the owner wanting to re-tile half the place because of water leaks, and needing to be painted throughout due to 'Delhi dust' (I'm devoting a whole separate post to the dust in New Delhi)...... We were due to move in on 26 January but things just kept getting delayed. We have since realised this is just the way things are in India. There is a saying here 'things happen in there own good time' and ain't that the truth!

It was really exciting to have our uplift from Australia being delivered too. My main priority was to get the WEGA espresso machine up and running as I needed a good coffee!!! Having our homely possessions also meant we were finally able to settle into a more normal life in New Delhi. There was an immediate overwhelming joy from the children when we moved in. Saket had been fantastic and the children really enjoyed staying there but having a home with there own rooms and space to run around meant they were finally back in their element.

The residence is nice and there is plenty of room for the children to run around and play inside (an important feature for when the summer months arrive......). Inside the residence it is light filled, it has an open feel with high ceilings, good sized rooms and great orientation. These features, along with it being close to a nice small park means it is a great place to live. Having a nice home is important in a city like New Delhi. The City is, generally speaking, a seething chaotic mass and you are reminded of this constantly. Each and every morning, upon leaving our short street, we are immediately presented with total traffic chaos, people using the surroundings as a toilet and beggars galore tapping on our car window, all within the space of 250 meters from the residence!